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Parties can be held on weekdays depending on availability, by arrangement or Saturdays.  Parties held on Saturdays will have the exclusive use of the venue and the poponin team.

Mug parties are based on 10 guests designing their own mugs using a template that will be provided. These designs will then be photographed and heat pressed onto the mugs ready for taking home at the end of the party.  In the event not all mugs are ready, arrangements will be made to get these to the party host as quickly as possible for hanging back to guests. Parties last 1 1/2 hours incorporating any snacks/cake which we recommend allocating around 20 minutes towards the end.

We look forward to helping you celebrate a special occasion. 

Party Details Explained:

Venue Charge for Saturday parties £30.00 in addition to party cost.

Party Food it is assumed that the person booking the party will provide all food and cake unless otherwise discussed with poponin.

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