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 Studio Time @ poponin

Booking studio time at poponin is a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience.  Studio time is how you spend an hour being creative using our mass of art and craft materials. If you have the curiosity for being creative, poponin provides the perfect place for you to fully immerse yourself in the creative process, whether that’s a process you are already familiar with or something new. We welcome all ages.

Our sessions are built around creativity.

Flowing through all that we offer is a relaxed approach & atmosphere.

With poponin having been designed for all age groups this really is a venue where you can sit and enjoy being creative under your own steam.

There is an hugh range of materials, ideas and activities you can dip into either on an adhoc basis or more regularly.

Our team are friendly, professional and thrive on being creative.  If there is a specific technique you want to try before totally commiting to a course or spending heaps on materials, we will certainly try our best to assist you, guide you and find out how something is done.

At poponin our journey is about introducing you and yours to creative arts and crafts activities.

What You Can Expect

 Your first visit may feel a little overwhelming as there really is so much to take in, it is a feast of creativity and choosing an idea can take a little time regardless of age, but after your first session everything just falls into place .

On arrival you will be shown to your table, given a brief intro or reminder, and provided your aprons.

We will give you a little time to settle in and have a look around; feel free to roam, there is no better way to explore whats available at poponin, then through having a look.   Its also OK to touch things, ask questions or seek advice and guidance.

We are constantly adding new materials, constantly tweaking our ideas all with the aim of introducing/delivering creative activities for  everyone to enjoy.

What's Included

On your arrival your table will be set out with our standard matarials. More will be added once you decide on your activity or a member of the team will show you where to get the materials you need from our wide selection.

We provide aprons.

We have a toilet and separate handwashing area with a step for reaching the sink.

Our hot water is set at an ambient temperature and will not get any warmer.

Studio sessions are 60 minutes but additional time can be added and is charge by the half hour.

“This venue is so relaxing and such a great place to visit” Kate