Important things you will want to know.

Is poponin open every day?

poponin is open Monday to Thursday and Saturdays by appointment.  Please see our Opening Times for the most up to date information.  

Saturdays we open by appointment.  There needs to be a minimum of 5 paying people.  Just give us a call to arrange your Saturday 01273 833 393.

Do I need to book?

It is always wise to book.  Of course as our name suggests you can just ‘pop on in’, but if sessions, classes, or activities are full you and your crew could end up disappointed.

What is the pricing model?

Prices start at £7.00 per person for 1 hours studio time, unless you have signed up to a specific club or Toddler session.  We have a list of creative activities that regularly change or you can spend your studio time creating someone unique to you from all the materials we have.

Who can visit poponin?

poponin is open to all ages and all abilities.  There is so much you can do at poponin. Mixed aged groups or individuals will all find something to create. Our clubs accept children from 5 upwards for 3 hours, short day, long day or anywhere in between. Children aged 4 years, and attending school, can attend clubs when older siblings are attending.

What can I expect when I arrive at poponin?

You will be greeted by one of the team.  If you have made a booking you will be shown to your table and if you haven’t visited before you will be taken through how things work, shown where aprons are and so forth.  If you are popping in spontaneously, and depending on your numbers, we will re-work the room to try and fit you in. Sometimes if there is really no room we will have to ask if you can come back, particularly during the busy periods.  Not something we like doing but holiday times can get busy.

Once settled at your table you will be given a sheet of recommendations, but you don’t have to run with these.  The list is there to help as we know it can be a little overwhelming for some, due to the amount of creative things we have hanging around.  We then give you time to settle in whilst you decide what you want to do.  Once decided all materials will be delivered to your table as quickly as possible so you and your crew can work together on your projects.  If you need any more materials you need only ask.

If you have made a booking as a poponin clubber; whether that be for the whole day, half day, 3 hour, 2 hour creative session or 1 hour, you and your crew will be welcomed and settled in.  From that point on one of the team, who has been allocated to clubbers, will be on hand to assist and work with your crew to ensure they have a great time, and walk away with some lovely creations.

We appreciate not many will say this but we like to be upfront.  poponin recruit a friendly team, who are hugely accommodating to everyone’s creative projects; if the team are busy they will try to get to you the moment you need them but sometimes if demand for their attention is high it may take a little bit longer to get to you.  Please don’t be rude or off hand to the team, they are after all only human and like all humans if you are offhand its not nice.  Its that old thing; give nicely, receive nicely. Can’t say fairer than that 🙂 x

Do you run term time activities and clubs?

poponin runs different clubs during the school term.  Please check our Daily Activities page for full and up to date information. 

After school creative club – Monday – Friday.  This club runs from after school up to 6.00pm.   Anyone who wants to sign up for a club can do using the registration form and online booking formPoponin pick up from two local schools but you can also drop your children in or if older they can walk in independently.    For more information please visit after school club FAQ’s

When specific activities aren’t running you can just pop on in. 

Do you run holiday clubs?

poponin runs holiday clubs, which operate at half term, and during school holidays.  Clubs can be booked either for a whole day, short day,  3 hour or 1 hour flexible slots. Our timings are very flexible; for instance if you wanted to visit for a 3 hour period and the pre-planned times don’t work for you, just let us know.

your time of arrival and departure.  For more information please visit holiday club FAQ’s

What age can you come along to clubs?

Our holiday clubs welcome children from 4 years old, when attending school and with an older sibling for a 3 hour session and 5 upwards for 3 hours, short day, long day or anywhere in between. For more information please visit holiday club FAQ’s

Our after school club welcomes children from Year 1.  We also welcome children in reception if they have an older sibling who also comes to the club.

Are there lots of people at the after school and holiday club?

We purposefully limit the numbers to ensure ‘clubbers’ have a very enjoyable time in a relaxed and fun environment. For this reason, during holiday times if you want to be part of the holiday club we strongly recommend booking and for after school we recommend signing up to regular sessions.  Of course as the name suggests you could book on the day but you may end up disappointed.

Do you run teen sessions?

Yes, we regularly hold teen sessions.  These are designed to create a space where they can experiment, improvise and simply enjoy the process of creating without worrying about the end result.  Sessions are very friendly and gives the opportunity to practice what they may already have in process as school.  We have varied sessions and would suggest subscribing to our newsletter to keep up to date.

Can I hire the poponin studio?

Yes.  If you would like to consider this for either a private event, be that for your own art group or for a party or gathering, just give us a call 01273 833393 or pop us an email poponinhurst@gmail.com

Are the poponin team friendly?

In a survey 100% confirmed that the poponin team are very friendly. Your children will always be in safe hands and in the presence of people who are DBS checked to an enhanced level and first aid trained.

Is poponin Ofsted registered? 

poponin is officially exempt from the requirement to be Ofsted registered because we are an arts and crafts facility and service.  That said we follow the guidelines, principles and ratio’s of Ofsted to ensure all visitors are well looked after, that responsible procedures and guidelines are in place and followed to ensure the safety, well being and enjoyment of all.

What should I do if I didn’t have a good time?

Speak to us!  We are humans and accept that we won’t always please everyone or that not everyone will be 100% happy however hard we try, that’s why life is a journey and not a destination.  We even realise a proportion will not get how poponin works,.  That’s OK.    We appreciate that there will be levels of ability and creativity across the visitor base and whilst we aim to satisfy all, reality is we possibly won’t.  If you find as an accompanying grown up that your experience hasn’t been as expected, despite the children having had a good time, all you have to do is talk to us.  We welcome feedback and with a large team during busy times its good to receive feedback on the overall atmosphere and how your experience was.  

Privacy Policy 

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