After School - Important things you will want to know

You must register using the registration form prior to booking a club/after school creative session.

Children are welcome at poponin after school from Year 1.  If your child is in reception they are also welcome provided an older sibling is attending the club on the same days.

poponin works in a way that enables everyone to use their services when needed and convenient to you.  You do not have to sign up for extended periods, although it is beneficial to do so. There is no registration fee. Once registered you can call upon our services as and when you need them.  If you only need an hour, just give us a call.  Need pick up after a school club, give us a call.

poponin purposefully limit the number of after school creative clubbers to ensure ‘clubbers’ have a very enjoyable time in a relaxed, home from home fun environment.  For this reason, if you want to be part of the club on a regular basis we strongly recommend booking in advance.  For adhoc days, we recommend booking online in advance, but if you are seriously stuck we will always try to help out at short notice.

poponin’s team encourage and run with your child’s creative theme and are enthused by their passion and ideas.

poponin give an abundance of guidance, steer when and where needed and bring things back on track as required

poponin’s core team are DBS checked to an enhanced level.

poponin’s core team are First Aid Qualified

All children must be registered at poponin to take advantage of our service.  Once registered you can call us, even at short notice, should you be stuck in a meeting, traffic jam, late lunch or for whatever reason, and we will pick up your child.

poponin by nature of what we do, is officially not required to be Ofsted registered BUT we embrace their guidelines.

poponin is fully insured on premises and for picks ups.

poponin offer all children snacks and drinks throughout their visit, in their time frame and when they are hungry or thirsty.

poponin only charge for the days your children are guests, provided the individual terms and conditions are followed.  There are no registration fees, no minimum or maximum attendance criteria unless you want to take advantage of term booking rates.

poponin offer various payment options: in advance for full year, full term booking in advance, full term booking with the option of this being split monthly across the term (strictly by agreement/arrangement), or payment at the time of each booking.  Each option attracts slightly different rates. Payments can be made via bacs, credit card or cash.

poponin is very flexible, for example; if your child has a club and requires a later pick up or needs picking up from school and dropping to a club, talk to us, we can assist, taking into account pickup location and time. 

poponin will collect from the local school area; we are currently based in Hurstpierpoint but do travel. Please call to discuss options 01273 833 393 or email, depending on location minimum numbers do apply.