Clubs @ poponin

Clubs @ poponin

Our clubs are pretty unique, that isn’t me saying that, that’s the  feedback we receive from our customers, which is truly lovely to hear.

Our clubs are built around creativity.

Flowing through all our sessions is a relaxed approach & atmosphere, where every individual is encouraged to use self expression.

Nothing is pre-prescribed, although we have loads of ideas hanging around & of course we run other sessions for specific activities.

There are no expectations for how something should look or what it is that has been created.

Our numbers are purposefully kept low. Why?

Because a hectic environment hampers creativity.

What does our approach mean for your children?

It means when your children are at our clubs they are relaxed, they gain confidence, boost their self esteem, use their imagination, learn & experience new things.

By mixing with others they learn self respect from the feedback they share with each other.

They are listened too & encouraged. We problem solve together. We have fun.

When their session has finished they carry with them unique creations showcasing who they are. They exude an enormous amount of pride in their artwork & share this with you.

A snippet of what can be created when @ poponin.

💖 A car with windows and lights

💖Headband for a 50th birthday

💖 A pizza resturant and oven

💖A bear driving a scooter

💖 Painting on a canvas

💖 Pottery painting – various items

💖Pop up puppets

💖Harry Potter Griffin from Clay

💖Drawings, Paintings & Clay work.

What's Included

When booking your child or children into one of our clubs they will have access to a massive range of materials, ideas and expertise to ensure they not only have a great time but also have plenty of interesting activities to keep them busy.  Everyone will have access  to juice and snacks if they need it.  When booking in for a short day or long day they will also have  the choice of selecting  something from our holiday club shop.

Choices can be made once your booking has been confirmed or during the day of your visit.

How does poponin help you?

When booking your child or children into one of our clubs, whether that be the school term or holidays you can be sure they will have fun.  Everyone who works at poponin is a parent, have brothers or sisters,  been kids themselves, have a sunny outlook and embrace creativity.

Whilst your children are having fun it means you have dedicated time to get things done or even give yourself time for fun or some well earned relaxation. Which, according to Wikipedia, reduces the body’s metabolism, heart & breathing rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, & calms brain activity. It increases the immune response, helps attention & decision making, & changes gene activities that are the opposite of those associated to stress.