After School Clubs @ poponin

After School Clubs @ poponin

Our clubs are pretty unique, that isn’t me saying that, that’s the  feedback we receive from our customers, which is truly lovely to hear.

Our clubs are built around creativity.

Our after school clubs are set in a relaxed environment, where every individual is treated with kindness & respect.

Our clubs are based around creativity but they go beyond that. Everyone is encouraged to be themselves, to use their imagination. To share their knowledge, to learn new things and to grow in confidence.

They are introduced to new technics, new materials and shown how to achieve the end result.

Our clubs are designed to bring the best out in everyone.

What does our approach mean for your children?

It means when your children are at our clubs they are relaxed, they gain confidence, boost their self esteem, use their imagination, learn & experience new things.

By mixing with others they learn self respect from the feedback they share with each other.

They are listened too & encouraged. We problem solve together. We have fun.

When their session has finished they carry with them unique creations showcasing who they are. They exude an enormous amount of pride in their artwork & share this with you.

A snippet of what you can do @ poponin.

💖 Painting using different mediums

💖 Create unique pieces of art

💖 Make with Clay

💖 Intro to Sewing

💖 Intro to Jewellery Making

💖 Intro to Drawing

💖 Origami

💖 Making with Wood

💖 Creating with Papermache

How does poponin help you?

When booking your child or children into our after school club you can be sure they will have fun.  Everyone who works at poponin is a parent, have brothers or sisters, have been kids themselves, have a sunny outlook and embrace creativity.  In one form or another they are or have been involved in the arts.

Your child will be picked up from school.  We will take a casual stroll to poponin, via the back route.  On arrival bags will be dropped and everyone will be greeted with snacks and drinks.

From that point on your child will have the freedom to create anything they like.  They will combine a whole range of skillsets they likely didn’t even know they possessed, they will be encouraged to try new things, resulting in a new found confidence.

Our clubs may well be engineered around fun but the benefits of a regular creative session should not be over looked.

“Thank you SO much for your care of Amber. She adores poponin and we love seeing all the wonderful creations she brings home”..Louisa