T 's & C's

When booking your party

A non-refundable deposit of £30.00 is required to secure the booking.  Deposits not received within 5 days of booking confirmation will result in the date being released.  The balance is due 10 days prior to the party date.  Balancing payments not received could result in parties being  postponed or cancelled.  It is the responsibility of the person booking the party to ensure payments are made at the required times.  Any changes to party numbers/attendees, after the balancing invoice has been issued, cannot not be refunded.  Failure to pay the full invoiced amount will result in the party being cancelled or postponed or guests being without chosen activities.

For the bespoke party option poponin works with you to determine the maximum number of guests depending on the activity and age, although there is an automatic minimum of 10 guests.

All bespoke parties are customised/themed where possible to the birthday persons interests and likes. We encourage those organising the party to find out the birthday persons likes and to liaise with the poponin team.

All themed party options have predetermined guest numbers.  Please see the specific party option you are booking for details on numbers.  If you require more guests then the indicated minimum number please laisie with the poponin team.

Length of party is determined by the party option you are selecting.  Please see the specific party option you are booking for details.

The cost of your party is as per the minimum number of guests/party option price as stated in each of the party options or as agreed by prior agreement.  Refunds are not given for guests who don’t attend your party on the day, nor after the balancing payment has been issued (10 days prior to the party date), nor where minimum numbers are not reached.

Please be on time for your party and ready to leave promptly at the end of your special occasion.  It is very easy to lose track of time at poponin. To assist we will give a 10 minute time check before snacks/cake and party end time. We automatically allocate 10 minutes maximum at the end of your party for you to gather everything, after which an additional £30 charge will be applied.

poponin key staff are DBS checked and first aid trained.  It is not necessary for parents/carers to stay on the premises during the ‘creative activity, unless the children are under the age of 5,  and provided the parent/carers remain in the immediate vicinity and are immediately contactable.

If leaving the premises please ensure an adult is back at poponin ready for post creative activities or pickup. Party goers are not the responsibility of the poponin team outside of the time period optioned but will remain on the premises.

When party goers are doing any activities and are not under the supervision of the poponin team, they are the responsibility of the person booking the party. Please ensure that your guests are well supervised, well behaved and play in a manner where accidents are avoided.   Poponin cannot accept responsibility for any accidents resulting in this period.

Where food and drink is being brought into poponin, it will be the responsibility of the customer to remove all packaging, rubbish and refreshments at the end of the period and to leave the venue tidy as found.

All materials used during creative sessions are, according to the manufacturers  details, washable and removable.

In the event you have to cancel your party, cancellations will be accepted up to 8 days prior to the booking date with a 50% refund issued on the amount paid, excluding the non refundable deposit.  Cancellations after this time; the cost of the party will not be refundable.  Every effort will be made to find a new date for your party if requested.

In the unlikely event that poponin have to cancel your party a full refund will be given inclusive of the initial deposit.

A poponin member of the team will be present throughout the party.

Experience tells us that some will finish their creations quicker than others for bespoke parties, the poponin team will have things on hand to keep them busy.

The cost includes an activity & materials, along with poponin’s time and expertise during your party.

Thank you for choosing poponin.