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with her phone, which is never far from her side.

‘I have always been a really creative individual, loved when I was working with children, enjoy trying new things and appreciate all forms of art.  I also love having fun and being able to laugh is a very important part of my day.

After a sudden realisation, whilst working for a major brand in the retail consumer sector, I decided it be great to bring all the elements I love and am passionate about together under one roof.  The thought of having a space which indulged creativity for all ages, but in particular kids and teens, where they could try out different creative activities or practice their own techniques in a relaxed and inspiring space was just too compelling a thought not to try to achieve.

It didn’t happen at the flick of a switch, more a slow burn but here we are with poponin #1.  Of course there is a serious side, poponin is after all a business venture which I want to expand so when I am not physically at poponin I am working hard to develop its future but when I haven’t my business hat on I definitely have my creative fun hat on.

Part of my mantra for poponin, no matter how many I am lucky enough to grow to, or how many offshoots I create, (just working on a little book right now) I will always try and offer a flexible, sensibly priced, fun and safe service that helps families and individuals enjoy the benefits of being creative’. 

If you can’t find what you need on our site please do pop us an email, we will always endeavour to help out.

Jess hope’s you find poponin creative, flexible, approachable and above all professional, safe, and friendly with just a hint of ‘Jess’ quirkiness that will encourage you to visit time and time again.

The pic was my original vision of poponin, of course I used recyclable cardboard, if you happened to have visited you will see a likeness 🙂