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Founder of poponin

Jessica Adams, founder of poponin, was formerly a high-flying executive of a compuer games company where she spent her time flying around Europe, America and Canada working out how best to market the next big games release.  She then went on to become the Marketing Director of a listed high street games retailer.

Prior to working her way up the computer games industry she spent her early years growing up in the Middle East and later moved to the Far East where she took up teaching at a Montessori school. On returning to the UK Jess under took a course in child psychology knowing she planned to open her own Montessori school but soon realised this would restrict her creativity and kill her passion for working with people in a creative environment.  Taking up her career in the computer games industry suited her love for creativity, animation, and meeting different people, not to mention allowing her imagination to run without boundaries.

Whilst on holiday, sitting on a beach in Santa Monica,  Jess suffered a sudden realisation! She could stay in the corporate world trudging up and down a motorway every day, or step out of her comfort zone and do something she really loved.  Returning home she announced her retirement from the games industry.

Jess used her wealth of knowledge consulting in other sectors whilst developing her own ideas, and future plans.  When the right property came along she decided the time was right to move ahead with her real love and whilst still having to wait another year for the property she finally launched and opened her first poponin in March 2016.

It goes without saying that Jess has huge plans for poponin.