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 Booking Terms & Conditions

All prices quoted are per person.

After School Creative Club:  Sessions must be paid for in advance and assume you will be dropping your child unless otherwise agreed. Everyone is welcome to join in.  The club session is from 3.15pm up to 6.00pm.  If you wish to book regularly please call 01273 833393 or you can use the online form.  Please ensure you have completed the After School Club Registration form before the date your child is coming to poponin.  If you are already registered please ensure you complete the booking form when making payment  so we know what date you are booking/paying for. 

Adhoc Club/Workshops: unless otherwise specified adhoc clubs and workshops are unaccompanied sessions, when making a children’s booking.  Where there is the option of having your child collected directly after school please ensure you have advised poponin of class year and location.  Please ensure you advise the class teacher the dates your child will be collected by the poponin team. All adhoc clubs and workshops must be paid in advance.

Toddler Sessions: the booking is for up to 1 hour.  Please ensure you complete the form & make payment so we know what date you are booking/paying for. Payment is required in advance either using the deposit option, and paying the balance on the day or paying in full in advance.  Non payment voids any booking reservation.  Parents must stay on premises.

Poponin Studio Time:  the booking is for 1 hour studio time Monday to Friday.  Please ensure you complete the form and make payment so we can reserve and have your table prepared. Parents must stay if children are under 4 years of age or where they have not been booked into a specific club or activity.  Any additional material costs can be paid for at the end of the session.

Drop & Go (4 years plus): the booking is for 1 hour studio time only during term/holiday times and assumes you will be leaving your child unaccompanied at poponin.  If more than 2 hours is needed we recommend using the holiday club booking service. If your child is under 5 the maximum time for using ‘drop & go’ is 2 hours.

No refunds will be given for any missed sessions.

You will be automatically transferred to the payment page once you have submitted your reservation/booking form.  Please be aware there maybe a slight delay when connecting to the payment page.  Thank You.