Holiday Club Lunch Options

Please complete for each child. If you need to cancel your booking please provide 2 days notice as everything is pre-booked.

Our menu has been put together under the guidance of WSCC.

Sandwiches are made fresh on the day from a local deli.  All other items are sourced locally.

Any uneaten contents can be taken home.

Please select 1 item from Sandwich, Fruit, Savory/Sweet and Drinks.

All sandwiches will be ready prepared with butter and on wholemeal or 50/50 bread.  If your child does not like butter please let us know in the additional information box.

Please tick all the things you enjoy on the additional snacks list.

Please submit your options on receipt of your booking confirmation.

Thank You.

HAF Holiday Club Lunch Options

Sandwich Selection: Please select 1 option

Fruit Selection: Please select 1 item

Savory/Sweet Options: Please select 1 item

Drink Selection

Additional Snacks: Please select those you like

Please advise if your child has any food allergies.

If you are attending more than once please confirm you want the same choice each session

15 + 8 =

If we have any questions we will be in touch.