Daily activities @ poponin

All our activities are held at our very relaxed, super inspiring venue.  They all are designed around being creative and having an enjoyable experience.  That isn’t me saying that, that’s the  feedback we receive from our customers, which is truly lovely to hear.

Our after school and holiday clubs are open to age 4 years and above.

We provide pickups from schools in Albourne and Hurstpierpoint.

Our sessions are built around creativity.

Flowing through all our sessions is a relaxed approach & atmosphere, where every individual is encouraged to use self expression.

Nothing is pre-prescribed, although we have loads of ideas hanging around & of course we run other sessions for specific activities.

There are no expectations for how something should look or what it is that has been created.

Book either an unaccompanied club session, toddler session or studio time.

What happens @ toddler sessions & during studio time

Toddler Time: your table is laid out with age approprite materials. There is  plenty to keep every little one busy and entertained.

Our toddler sessions are open for ages 2 to 5.

Studio time: a session where you can enjoy being creative using lots of materials which are included in the studio fee or there is a selection of pre-made items to choose from. These carry additional item charges ie pottery, fabric painting, canvas painting plus other seasonal items. 

We have a washroom. Aprons are provided. 

A snippet of what can be created when @ poponin.

💖 A car with windows and lights

💖 A pizza resturant and oven

💖A bear driving a scooter

💖 Painting on a canvas

💖 Pottery painting – various items

💖Pop up puppets

💖Drawings, Paintings & Clay work.

How does poponin help you?

When making a booking at poponin, whether that’s for a toddler session, studio time for you & your family, or booking a club session you can be sure it will be fun and relaxing.

Everything is laid out to ensure you can focus on being creative whilst leaving everything else to the poponin team.

If you book  into a club session it will be fun for those attending. They will be guided and helped with their activity, whilst being encouraged to make it their own.   This gives you the perfect opportunity to get things done or even give yourself time for fun or some well earned relaxation.