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After school creative club - St Lawrence pickups.


You must register using the registration form to take part in this club/after school creative session.

By checking the Terms and Conditions box you agree to the following (please print for your records):

poponin is the right place to book if your children love arts and crafts 🎨 

You have registered with poponin using the After School Registration form.

Payment terms: One Off sessions, in advance.  Full School Year: payment in advance at the start of the school year attracts a 3% discount off our reduced rates.  Full Term In Advance: Payment at the start of the term attracts a reduced booking rate.  Full Term Monthly (in advance): We offer a monthly payment scheme for customers who book for the full term but want the flexiblity of monthly payments. (please approach us to use this option).  The monthly payment option attracts a slightly higher rate then the Full Term up front payment rate with a minimum term spend applicable.  Monthly invoices are calculated on the entire term and split across the months.  No refunds are applied for non attendance.  The monthly payment option requires payment within 7 days from receipt of invoice either by credit card or bacs.  Failure to make payment within the 7 days could result in this service being withdrawn.

Cancellation of the full term after it has been committed to and confirmed is acceptable. Half a term’s notice and payment is required when making this decision. Where the full year has been confirmed a full terms notice is required.  Where payment in advance has been made cancellation will need to be discussed with poponin. Any full term discounts applied will be withdrawn.  When using the monthly invoicing service, the final invoice will be recalculated to ensure half a terms fee has been paid at the daily booking rate.

Unattended sessions: will not be refunded. If your child is not attending a session due to a playdate or similiar please let us now. Not knowing causes us to worry, means we must approach the person taking your child and also holds up our return to poponin.

If picking up earlier than your chosen pick up time, this does not result in a reduction in session price.

Sickness: If your child is sick or has fall ill during the school day please let us know as soon as possible.  Not knowing causes us worry and also holds up our return to poponin.

All pickups are from the Year 1 / Year 2 school playground and Year 3 upwards playground at St Lawrence School.  Clubs are open to children in Year 1 and above.

Please let your child’s class teacher know they are being collected by a member of the poponin team.

The poponin team member will be carrying a poponin branded flagpole/pencil or umbrella.

School clubs: poponin can pick up your child from a school club which finishes after the standard school day, by pre-arrangement

Children walk, accompanied, to poponin, in the High Street, from St Lawrence school using the back roads and twitten.  If you are happy for your child(ren) to walk unaccompanied to poponin (year 5 upwards) please let poponin know in advance.

On arrival at poponin your children will be provided with an afternoon snack and drink.

School clubs: poponin can pick up your child from a school club which finishes after the standard school day, by pre-arrangement.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are running late for your chosen pick up time.  A fee of £6.00 will be added per 1/2 hour unless agreed otherwise.

If someone, other than those named on the registration form, are collecting your child(ren) please tell us as we will not let your child leave.  If someone other than those on the registration form turn up to collect your child without poponin having been advised by those named on the registration form we will not release the child(ren) until we have spoken to you or the person collecting has some form of communication they can provide, from those named on the registration form, that states you have authorised their release from poponin’s care.  Our genuine preference is that the parent/carer advises poponin of any changes in advance.  This can be done by email or phone – 01273 833393.

poponin is officially exempt from the requirement to be Ofsted registered. That said we follow the guidelines, principles and ratio’s of Ofsted to ensure all visitors are well looked after, that responsible procedures and guidelines are in place and followed to ensure the safety, well being and enjoyment of all.

If you wish to speak to your child whilst they are at poponin, you are very welcome to do so. 01273 833393.

When the term comes to an end please remember to confirm your place for the next term as we do not automatically assume continuance, unless advised otherwise.

Certain activities are not included in the After School Creative Club activities, if you are happy for your children to undertake creative activities that carry a cost please let us know and we can add these onto your invoice.

We do sometimes have films, console games/competitions running for variety and fun as whilst art & creativity are fabulous we know sometimes kids just need a little mind rest.