The Kids Told Us

We asked a selection of kids who visit poponin both on a regular and adhoc basis what they thought about poponin, here’s what they had to say:

“You get to do loads of art stuff”  “L” boy aged 6

“There’s lots of crafty things to do – everything about art you could dream of”  “A” girl aged 9

“You can meet new friends whilst doing art” “P” girl aged 8

“You can make new friends and socialise with people outside of school” “O” girl aged 10

“I can meet lots of friends and create new stuff” “A” boy aged 8

“Freedom to do what you want” “R” boy aged 6

“Being able to create what you like, however you like” “C” boy aged 9

“Being able to do lots of different things” “A” boy aged 8

“You can make whatever you want, there is no limits to what you can make” “O” boy aged 10

poponin says thank you; keep being imaginative, open to trying new things and keep on creating.

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