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You are just a few steps away from having your thoughts turned into words and your Messenger starting his journey.

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The task of The Messagers is a simple one.  They have just one job to do, and to do it well.   They must take your thoughts, transfer them onto a scroll and hide this in the base of their body, securely, so they can start the journey of delivering your message with love and care.

When a reply is needed, the recipient will be invited to respond using the enclosed postcard.  By sending a scroll back via their Messenger or through choosing and ordering a Messenger of their own choice to send back to you.

Each Messenger is totally unique & truly endearing; the photos do not do them justice.  They have wonderfully oversized noses making them all the more loveable. Each piece is created by hand.  Head, nose and hat are personally chosen for their appearance and fit.  Their colours determined by their overall character.  They are all approximately 10cm x 2cm and weigh around 200grams.   Each character has its own unique features & idisosyncrasys.

Each piece has been through a kiln firing process. We use a whole range of glazes, which also adds to each pieces finished look.

They will stand proudly on any shelf, desk or cabinet and only you and the recipicent will know what message they hold within!

Each piece has a small slot in the base for your personalised message to be hidden in and preserved over time.

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