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The perfect kit to keep your kids happy, whilst you enjoy some “Me Time”! This kits contains no less than 3 plaster models, 6 x paint pots, brushes and a dry writable pen. All presented in a white ceramic mug. The included models range in size from approx 8cm – 3cm depending on style.

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This ready to paint home activity kit, presented in a white ceramic mug, is handmade by us with love, energy and with kids in mind.  It contains no less than:

3 x plaster models across the size range.

6 x paint pots, a whooping 25ml of quality paint, per colour, per pot. You can even add a pot of glitter (Colour picked at random)

A colour mixing chart.

2 x brushes  for area painting and detailed work.

1 x dry writable pen.

1 x white ceramic mug

By golly this is a kit that keeps on giving plus keeps your kids happy whilst you enjoy some “Me Time”!

Paint your models, let them dry.  Use them to create stories or put them on display to be admired.  Anyone for a game of tic-tac-toe?  Using your mug and writeable pen draw a picture, leave a loving message or play a game. Your mug will become a great boredom buster, as is the whole kit!

Our plaster models are a consistent feature at our bricks and mortar crafts venue.  They bring much delight and smiles to those doing the painting.  More often than not when dry the models are either played with, put on display at home, or gifted to a loved one. Dry writeable pens are all over our craft shop allowing our visitors to write on just about anything; tables to our massive doddle canvasses, whiteboards and drinking mugs.

These kits make great gifts for birthday parties, friends gatherings, zoom group chats or as an individual creative craft.

Our plaster models are approx 8cm – 3cm in size, depending on style. We pick your collection at random from our vast range.  We use detailed and high quality moulds.

Please contact us if you have any questions or specific requests. We are so used to assisting kids at our venue and also helping when something specific is needed for a loved one or a party.

Everything we sell is used at our crafts venue. We know first hand the quality of the products, the delights from the children using them and the relief of parents, carers, grandparents, teens and friends, for keeping little and big kids occupied.

We stock a variety of other craft packs which can be found via our online shop.

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