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Wooden pieces filled with flowers to colour and doodle on.  Colouring is hugely beneficial to your well being, regardless of age.

All kits come with set of felt tips. Little penguin for visual purposes only.

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The mindful colouring collection is all about taking some time for yourself or giving some one else time for themselves through colouring.  From my own experience time spent colouring brings with it a sense of peace & calm.  The battles and intrusions of the day still. There is a lot of research that shows colouring is good for you and it’s not just for kids.

The mindful collection originally started with a giant cow which I had intricately hand cut with the flowers as the centre.  My then 6 year old and I sat colouring and doodling our giant cow over many weeks and it now hangs in our home.

Because of that experience I took the big cow and had it made smaller. I added designs to the range so others could enjoy regular colouring along with having something to keep when the colouring and doodling had come to an end.

Colouring can be done with felts or paints of your choice, we enjoy using acrylics. Pieces can be coloured on both sides and turned regularly if displayed or hung.

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Cow, Sheep, Dog, Cat, Bird, Dolphin, Camper Van

2 reviews for Mindful Colouring Collection

  1. Poponin

    Such a great kit. It comes with felts and you simply colour it in. Lots of little flowers and I get a lovely Lamb at the end. Double sided so double the joy! @SarahHaran

  2. Poponin

    Martina _davis27 wrote – It’s a brilliant idea – I love it! Such a nice touch with the letter inside. thanks for sending it! x

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