I was sitting earlier in the week wondering as the sun comes out whether visitors will continue to poponin on hot days.  Some onlookers of my business model said at the start it was more a ‘bad weather’ venue – fair comment I thought, work around it.  As we move into our 3rd summer like any new business at the year end you reflect on the previous year.  Year 1 is learning and adapting for year 2 to ensure what you learnt in year 1 is put into practice year 2.  Then we get to the end of year 2 and wonder whether what took place in year 2 will continue in year 3.    Today we look time to create a new fun window message showing that poponin is a venue whatever the weather – so far with the odd weather this month we have had visitors coming in to escape the sun and cool down and others escaping the bucketing rain and to get warm.  poponin is indeed an all weather venue. Reality is yes numbers dip when the sun first comes out but by keeping an eye on the weather conditions, taking on board what we learnt year 1 & 2, year 3 with more knowledge and implementing that knowledge, has started well.